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Teaching Styles

I pride myself on creating level and age-appropriate lessons for voice and piano.  Here is some insight into my teaching methods.


As a professional vocalist for ten years, I have specialized in the following styles: Broadway, Jazz, Gospel, Pop, and Classical. I am currently a student at the Seamless Voice Studio with Marlon Sanders, and I utilize his methodology as my primary vocal tool.  This methodology focuses on developing a healthy, and balanced instrument by creating space in your mind, body, and soul.  This emphasizes the flexibility throughout your vocal instrument and understanding of breath support and tone production.

When it comes to training your voice, it is important to recognize that vocal cords are not one size fits all. I teach my students how to build a vocal toolbox using various techniques and systems that yield the best sound for their individual voices.  I am skilled and experienced with NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association)  on levels 1-6, including All-State and All-State Vocal Jazz. I


I specialize in working with young beginners.  My approach involves combining the use of games and multi-sensory techniques to develop their musical abilities, focusing on playing accurately, rhythmically, and with creative expression.  I find that children are more engaged and interested when they can relate to the music. Games bring a clearer understanding and helps them grasp of the material, and incorporating popular pop and video game songs adds and extra element of interest!  I offer instruction ranging from pre-reading to NYSSMA level four piano.

Audition Prep

Auditions can be daunting, especially when it’s your first time.  In the audition prep lesson, I prepare students for college, high school, and theatre production auditions.  This class not only covers audition techniques but also various acting styles and techniques.  We focus on picking  audition material, working through and breaking down songs, scenes and monologues. Some of my students have gone on to work with companies like Nickelodeon.


Additionally, if needed I can serve as a reader for self-tape auditions and even assist in filming self-tape auditions with the student. This service will require an additional cost.

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